What is a Forklift Workstage?

30 Mar 2023 Warehouse Equipment

When it comes to aerial access, it can be difficult to determine which type of equipment to use for your facility or project requirements. While you could rent or purchase a scissor lift or other expensive piece of equipment for aerial access, this is often more than most facilities need. If you need to access elevated areas for maintenance tasks or other work, a forklift workstage may be the perfect solution. To help you understand what a forklift workstage is and what it can do for your operation, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment has put together some information on these products and the benefits they can provide.

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An Overview of Forklift Workstages

Also known as forklift work platforms or forklift man baskets, forklift workstages are products that are designed to allow trained employees to safely work at heights. Forklift workstages consist of a locking basket mounted to a slotted base that allows forklifts to raise or lower the platform as needed. Every forklift workstage also features safety mesh on the forklift side to further increase safety while giving workers a dedicated space to connect their harnesses. This allows employees to safely perform facility maintenance or other tasks that require aerial access.

3 Benefits of Forklift Workstages

Forklift workstages offer the following benefits for warehouses and industrial facilities:

1. Complies with Leading Safety Standards

Forklift workstages conform to ANSI/ASME B56.1 Safety standards and are CSA compliant. This ensures optimal safety for all personnel when used properly. Each unit features a locking front gate, a 5” kickplate around the edge of the platform, a non-skid deck, and a 72” wire mesh back with a hook for a harness at the top. These features combine to allow for optimal safety in any environment, allowing operators to safely work at heights for extended periods.

2. Built to Last

All forklift workstages are constructed from welded steel to ensure lasting durability and safety in even the most demanding applications. This durability is further increased by a powder-coated finish that allows the workstage to resist rust and other damage caused by daily usage. Whether you are working in a warehouse or industrial manufacturing facility, you can count on a forklift workstage for years to come.

3. Enhanced Productivity

In addition to allowing for safe access to elevated areas, forklift workstages can be equipped with optional trays to safely hold items, materials, and tools for various projects. With weight capacities up to 500 lb, workers can safely bring a variety of tools and materials with them, increasing productivity by reducing the number of times the platform needs to be lifted and lowered.

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