What is a Fountainscape?

20 Sep 2019 Landscape Design

Whether you are looking to create a backyard oasis or raise curb appeal, there are many different ways of beautifying your property. Impeccable landscaping and gardening are great but, when it comes to making your property stand out, a focal point, such as a water feature, can go a long way. There are many different types of water features and different methods of incorporating them into your yard. One of the best ways of featuring water on your property is through a fountainscape. At Fontana Landscapes, we specialize in designing and installing natural looking fountainscapes and other water features all over BC.

What is a Fountainscape?

A fountainscape is a fountain or series of fountains that have been augmented with other landscape features in order to create a complete, cohesive garden setting focused around the water feature. Fountainscapes can take many forms and include a variety of styles. They can be incorporated with ponds or they can stand on their own. Many fountainscapes use a pondless system of collecting water so that they can incorporate more rocks and plants into the aesthetic.

Fountainscape Ideas

There are nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to fountains and fountainscapes. If you do not have space for a pond but you still want to grace your garden with the gift of water, having a pondless fountainscape might be the way to go. Some ideas and inspiration for this type of fountainscape include:

Go Natural

Boulders with water flowing from them, rock pillars, logs, and nature-inspired sculptures can all work together to create a beautiful, natural-looking fountainscape. These fountainscapes look great when complemented by a lush garden, which can be planted right up to the edge of the fountain.

Incorporate Architecture

Elaborate on a retaining wall, sitting area, gazebo, or other piece of landscape architecture to create an unforgettable fountainscape that does not get in the way of existing features.

The Artisanal Look

Fountains that feature urns, bowls, sculptures, stacks of slate, or stonework can be used with natural features or similar components to create a fountainscape that looks unique and artistic. When combined with the right choices of rockwork and plant life, this type of fountainscape can give a garden an almost mythical appearance.

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