What is a Luxury Home?

21 Nov 2019 Custom Building

Knowing what a luxury home is will help you determine which types of elements should be included in your custom home in order to classify it as luxury. At Jaheny Custom Builders, they want to help you get the most out of your custom home by adding in luxury elements for added comfort and style.

What is a Luxury Home?

When it comes to real estate, luxury homes are all about the details. While luxury homes are not necessarily mansions, they provide owners with the best possible luxury living experience by incorporating high-end amenities and quality materials in a great location.

Things to Look for in a Luxury Home

In order for your custom home to be considered luxury, it needs to have certain qualities such as:

1. Location

In most cases, luxury properties tend to be located in the most coveted locations in the city or country. Whether that means being located on a beach or on a mountain, a luxury home will provide an outstanding view that is well worth the hefty price tag.

2. Quality

Unlike other kinds of custom homes, standard construction materials, appliances, finishes, and designs will not cut it for a luxury property. Luxury homes will make use of high-quality materials like hardwood, crystal, marble, and professional-grade appliances to great a grandiose aesthetic. Luxury homes will also often be built and designed by custom builders who can bring a sense of prestige that other homes do not have.

3. Amenities

Luxury homes are known for incorporating a range of high-end amenities, such as:

Lavish Bathrooms

Luxury homes will include spa-worthy bathroom products, as well as features for adding beauty, comfort, and innovative functionality to the space. These types of bathrooms will often include saunas, touch screen mirrors, and steam rooms.

Home Security Systems

Most luxury homes will often go beyond a simple alarm system in favour of having a monitored system that is linked to a 24/7 security professional. Having one of these alarm systems can speed up the process of notifying authorities and reduce the number of false alarms.

Smart Technology

A modern luxury home will be outfitted with cutting-edge network systems, equipment, and appliances that can be remotely and automatically controlled, such as motion sensor lights, Internet-connected cameras, curtains that open and close on timers, and thermostats that automatically adjust.

Exercise Room

Luxury home gyms will include more than just workout equipment and weights. They will also include built-in televisions, wireless speakers, and an indoor pool and hot tub for post-workout relaxation.

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