What is a Multi-Tier Shelving System?

4 May 2021 Warehouse Equipment

When it comes to the storage of small parts or bins, space can quickly disappear. This lack of space can lead to disorganization or overloaded shelving systems, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of safety incidents. To ensure that every product has a designated location, many warehouses and manufacturing facilities utilize multi-level shelving systems.

Commonly known as multi-tier shelving or multi-tier racking, these systems create additional storage capacity by capitalizing on unused vertical space. Instead of building out horizontally, these systems build up and create multiple floors of shelving. As experts in storage systems, Commander Warehouse Equipment has provided some information on what a multi-tier shelving system is and their typical configurations.

Types of Multi-Tier Shelving Systems

Multi-tier shelving systems are available in a variety of configurations based on the needs of the facility and their available space. Types of multi-tier shelving systems include:


A catwalk multi-tier shelving system utilizes multiple floors of shelving bays for optimal storage capacity. Each floor is built on top of another shelving system and has aisles between shelving bays for easy access. Most floors can be accessed by stairs, though some systems utilize ladders and lifts to reduce the amount of required space. This type of multi-tier shelving system is common for the automotive industry and other facilities that handle a variety of small parts or products.


High-rise shelving systems are similar to catwalk structures, but they do not have decking between each shelving bay. As a result, there are no floors or levels for each level of shelving, eliminating the need for stairs. The only way to access these higher shelves is rolling ladders or order pickers, making these systems ideal for fulfillment centres and manufacturing facilities. High-rise systems are also ideal for warehouses that utilize forklifts and other equipment that need to travel between shelving bays.


Mezzanine multi-tier shelving systems are available in a variety of configurations and will vary greatly based on the industry they are used for. In most cases, these systems feature shelving on the lower levels and a flat platform on top. This platform can be used to store large items or as a space to perform assembly, packing, and other tasks. The platform is supported by the shelving bays beneath it and is typically accessed by a flight of stairs. Like conventional mezzanines, heavy loads are often lifted up to the platform via a forklift. This type of multi-tier shelving system can be utilized for nearly any warehouse or manufacturing facility.

To learn more about our multi-tier shelving systems or to determine which configuration is right for you, contact the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. Their experts can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to assist you.