What is a Scaffold Podger Used For?

30 Jul 2020 Scaffolding

If you are setting up scaffolding, it is likely that you will need a scaffolding podger in order to get the job done properly and efficiently. Scaffolding podgers are tools that have a wrench or ratchet at one end and are tapered at the other. They are helpful in a couple of different ways when setting up scaffolding. At United Scaffold Supply, we provide scaffolding rentals and sales as well as installation and dismantling services for all kinds of industries. If you are setting up scaffolding and need more information about the tools required, our knowledgeable team is always ready to help.

How are Scaffolding Podgers Used?

The two ends of a scaffolding podger (also known as a podger spanner or simply a scaffold wrench) serve two different purposes. The tapered end is used to align bolt holes when getting scaffolding set in place, while the spanner end (the end with the wrench or ratchet) is used to tighten the nuts onto the bolts. Because most scaffolding operate using 7/8” nuts, scaffolding podgers typically come with a 7/8” six-point or twelve-point socket on a 1/2″ drive, but there are many variations that come with a different type of socket.

How to Use a Scaffolding Podger

Scaffolding podgers were made to make the work of setting up scaffolding easier. To set up scaffolding using your podger, follow these steps:

  1. Line up the scaffolding frame pieces as closely as you can
  2. Insert the tapered end of the scaffolding podger through one of the frame’s bolt holes so that it passes out the other side
  3. Line up the other piece of the scaffolding frame with the podger
  4. Holding those two pieces of the frame together, push the bolt through the bolt holes
  5. Place the nut on the end of the bolt once it is through both pieces of the frame
  6. Use the spanner or wrench end of the podger to tighten the nut onto the bolt tightly enough that it cannot come loose during use

If you want to find out more information about what a scaffold podger is used for, or if you are interested in our scaffold rental services, please contact United Scaffold Supply at 1-866-820-6341 or by filling out a contact form on our website.