What is a Scaffold Ratchet?

29 Apr 2021 Scaffolding

When a scaffold system is being set up or taken down, all personnel involved will likely be using tools known as scaffold ratchets. These tools are a variation of scaffold wrenches that allow for faster and more efficient tightening or loosening of nuts and bolts. A secure connection between the sections of each scaffolding system is crucial for maintaining the safety of site personnel. In addition to knowing what a scaffold ratchet is, it is worth knowing what to consider and look for when purchasing one.

As experts in scaffold equipment, the team at United Scaffold Supply has provided some information on the characteristics of a quality scaffold ratchet. This information will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision for your next scaffold ratchet purchase.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Scaffold Ratchet

With so many options for scaffold ratchets, it can be difficult to determine which models offer quality performance and reliability. To determine the quality of a scaffold ratchet, evaluate the following aspects:


The safety of employees on and around scaffolding is a major concern for any project. One major safety risk when working at heights is the possibility of dropping tools. Ensure that the scaffold ratchet can be attached to a lanyard, belt, or a section of the scaffolding system. If the ratchet has a hole or loop at the base of the handle, it can be attached to any of these systems to prevent it from falling to the ground. These safety systems can also save a lot of time over the course of a project. If a scaffold ratchet is dropped to the ground, the employee will need to climb down the scaffold to retrieve it, wasting valuable time in the process.


Though most nuts and bolts can be securely tightened or loosened with the ratchet, there may be a few instances where some force is needed. To ensure that you are prepared for these situations, consider choosing a scaffold ratchet with an integrated hammer. This will cut down on the number of tools you need without sacrificing your ability to get the job done.

Grip and Maneuverability

When constructing or dismantling a scaffold system, personnel are expected to work in almost any environmental condition. Ensure that you choose a scaffold ratchet that is designed for optimal grip even in wet conditions. To ensure optimal productivity, it is worth considering how well a scaffold ratchet will perform in limited space. Check to see how many teeth are on the gear and how deep the socket is to determine if it will get the job done.

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