What is a Self-Dumping Hopper Used for?

24 Jun 2021 Warehouse Equipment

Industrial manufacturing and commercial fabrication facilities often produce an abundance of heavy scrap materials that need to be disposed of multiple times per week. To optimize the storage and removal of these materials, most facilities utilize self-dumping hoppers. These bins are constructed from all-welded steel and are easily handled by most counterbalanced forklifts. Whether you are working in warehousing, construction, or manufacturing, knowing what a self-dumping hopper is used for can help you determine if one is right for your needs. As leading providers of quality self-dumping hoppers and other industrial solutions, Commander Warehouse Equipment has provided some information on these products and their suitable applications.

Learn how to safely operate a self-dumping hopper.

What are Self-Dumping Hoppers?

Self-dumping hoppers are large industrial bins designed to safely store and dispose of heavy waste. They look like large waste containers with two fork pockets underneath their base. When these bins are full, they can be safely lifted, transported, and dumped with the use of a forklift. Each unit is perfectly balanced, allowing them to roll forward when released and dump all contents before returning to a locked upright position. Most self-dumping hoppers feature a reinforced locking latch with a spring-loaded safety catch to ensure optimal performance and safety during use. With max capacities up to 4,000 lb, self-dumping hoppers provide the strength and reliability needed for fast-paced indoor and outdoor operations.

Where can They be Used?

Self-dumping steel hoppers feature an all-welded steel plate construction that is specifically designed for the forklift handling of heavy and bulky scrap materials. Metal scraps, excess lumber, and other heavy materials are all examples of materials that can be placed in a self-dumping hopper. Some facilities also utilize self-dumping hoppers to store recyclable materials and dump them into a large bin. Steel hoppers are ideal for both industrial and commercial applications as they are built to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use in the harshest indoor or outdoor environments. In addition to their safety and durability, self-dumping hoppers are highly efficient as they only require one operator to use them. This allows for the safe and efficient removal of waste whenever it is required. Steel self-dumping hoppers are ideal for the following industries:

  • Warehousing
  • Electronic manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication
  • Construction
  • Automotive garages
  • Industrial repair shops
  • Lumber processing

To learn more about our selection of self-dumping hoppers and where they can be used, get in touch with the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. They can be reached through their online contact form and will work with you to deliver the perfect equipment solution for your specific needs.