What is Agricultural Construction?

17 Dec 2020 Custom Building

As an experienced builder in the agricultural sector of BC’s Lower Mainland, the team at Twin Maple Construction has completed a massive variety of different types of agricultural construction projects. Farming accounts for a large portion of the Fraser Valley’s economy so there are always new agricultural projects being developed in the area of all types.

Common Types of Agricultural Construction in BC

The construction techniques and materials used will often vary depending on the purpose of a new agricultural building. Some of the different types of new construction projects that are common for BC farms include:

Chicken Barns

BC’s growing chicken farming business means that many new chicken barns need to be constructed regularly. The strict rules for farming poultry in BC ensure quality in our food, but it also means that an experienced builder should always be employed when a new barn is being built in order to ensure it meets the provincial requirements.

Food and Crop Sorting and Storage

Many farms that grow food such as corn, berries, and any other common BC crops require facilities for sorting and storing a harvest before it is shipped out. These structures often include large-scale cold storage, distribution bays, and other sorting and storage areas.

Dairy Barns

Dairy barns often include large amounts of milking and processing equipment, meaning that they require special expertise and consideration to be built properly. Whether you are building an extension onto an existing dairy barn or an entirely new structure, the right team can ensure a smooth and efficient construction process.

Stables and Riding Arenas

Horse stables, riding arenas, and other equine structures can be built in a variety of ways. In many cases prefabricated materials are used to create a quick, utilitarian structure, while in other cases a completely custom design-build process is employed for a more tailored end result.


Greenhouses are important structures within the British Columbia agricultural world. Some farms are completely dependent on greenhouses to grow, store, and sell plants, so it is important to know a builder who can help with greenhouse construction.


Silos can often come already built from a manufacturer, but many farms need to have a custom silo built to suit their needs.

If you would like to learn more about what agricultural construction is and what it includes in BC, or to learn about Twin Maple Construction’s services in this sector, please reach out to our team so that we can help answer your questions.