What is Freight Forwarding in Logistics?

20 Aug 2020 Freight Shipping

Since most businesses do not have the in-house resources to manage all of their shipping needs internally, working with a freight forwarder allows them to ship their goods quickly and efficiently without having to hire extra staff members. At C&D Logistics, they know what freight forwarding in logistics can do to help a business meet its customer’s needs. That is why they offer a wide selection of freight services.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is the coordination and shipment of goods around the world through the use of single or multiple carriers via air, ocean, road, or railway. Freight forwarding works to provide the efficient and cost-effective transfer of products, while also ensuring that everything being shipped remains in good condition throughout the entire transportation process.

Freight Forwarder Responsibilities

Businesses that are unable to handle all of their shipping needs in-house can rely on a freight forwarder to handle all of the arrangements for ensuring that their products reach their customers quickly and efficiently. Some of the responsibilities of a freight forwarder include:

  • Arranging for cargo insurance and damage claim inspections
  • Arranging for special transportation for time-sensitive or over-sized shipments
  • Consolidating shipments
  • Coordinating cargo surveys
  • Negotiating rates with carriers
  • Preparing and submitting shipping and export documents
  • Selecting and booking product transportation based on the estimated time of arrival and overall price.
  • Tracking shipments

Benefits of Hiring a Freight Forwarder

Some of the benefits of hiring a freight forwarder to handle your business’ shipping needs include:

Knowledge and Expertise

Since freight shipping can often require using more than one mode of transportation, working with a freight forwarder will provide you with complete peace of mind that they will be able to arrange for a smooth shipping process, ensuring that your products arrive at their destination on time and on budget. Freight forwarders will also be experienced in dealing with all kinds of shipping rules and regulations, so you can trust that your products will be shipped in compliance with national and international shipping laws.

Saving Time and Money

Freight forwarders provide a single point of contact for all your shipping needs, from arranging the entire shipping process to negotiating rates with carriers. By outsourcing your shipping needs to a freight forwarder, you will be able to free up time and resources that can then be spent on the core aspects of your business.

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