What is Intermodal Shipping?

12 Nov 2020 Freight Shipping

Intermodal shipping has become an increasingly popular option for businesses that are looking to save money on freight shipping. If you are unsure what intermodal shipping is and how it can benefit your business, consulting with a freight shipping expert like the ones at C&D Logistics will help you determine if using intermodal shipping is in your best interests.

What is Intermodal Freight Shipping?

Intermodal shipping uses two or more modes of transportation, such as a truck and a train, to transport goods from the shipper to the consignee without having to change the container the goods are being shipped in at any point. Special standardized shipping containers are used for intermodal shipping, as the containers can easily be transferred between different modes of transportation—trucks, freight trains, ships, and planes.

How Does Intermodal Shipping Work?

During the intermodal shipping process, the shipping agent will arrange for different forwarders to carry the shipment at different legs of the journey from the shipper to the consignee. A reputable freight shipper will look for the best ways to reduce freight costs, while still ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination in a timely fashion.

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

Some of the main benefits of using intermodal shipping for your business include:

1. Provides Cost Savings

Intermodal shipping is a great option for businesses that are shipping freight long distances, such as internationally. In most cases, the greater the shipping the distance, the more opportunities a business will have to save money by using intermodal shipping, as rates will differ between each geographical location. Intermodal shipping also tends to offer more predictable pricing options and flexibility when it comes to loading and unloading goods, which will lead to a reduction in handling costs.

2. Improves Shipment Safety

Since intermodal shipping does not require goods to be transferred from one container to another, this type of freight shipping works to protect the products from coming into contact with a wide range of different substances. Shipping by certain modes of transportation, such as rail, are also considered safer and can also help lower the chances of an accident occurring during shipping.

3. Offers an Environmentally Friendly Option

Using intermodal shipping can help lower your business’ carbon footprint by allowing you to select the eco-friendliest modes of transportation. Rail tends to be a great option, as it can help significantly lower the CO2 emissions produced during transit.

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