What is Lifecycle Planning?

19 Dec 2019 IT Services

Understanding what lifecycle planning is will help you make an informed decision about whether or not this service is a good fit for your business needs. At Danory Digital Consulting, they want to help ensure that your business’ technology is up to date and running as efficiently as possible. That is why they offer a range of IT consulting services, including lifecycle planning.

What is the IT Lifecycle?

The IT lifecycle refers to the planning, procurement, and deployment of technology, as well as the technology’s production cycle. While the length of a piece of technology’s production cycle is dependent on certain variables—the technology itself, how often it is used, the parameters of the business, and the maintenance and service of the technology—the technology’s lifecycle can be extended through ongoing maintenance, updates, and upgrades. Once the technology reaches the end of its production cycle, the IT lifecycle then switches to focusing on replacing, decommissioning, and recycling the technology.

Why Lifecycle Planning is Important

Technology in a business context could be an organization’s servers, desktop computers, laptops, software, printers, mobile phones, and peripherals. Since having the right business technologies in place can save both time and resources, while also allowing you to keep a competitive advantage, properly planning for the lifecycle of technology can prevent your assets from hindering your business. If a piece of technology reaches the end of its effective stage without being noticed or addressed, the technology will continue to negatively affect your organization.

Taking the time to put a proper lifecycle plan into place can help ensure that your business remains both secure and productive. With the help of lifecycle planning services, you will also be able to avoid security risks and shift your resources towards implementing technologies that will help your business grow.

Lifecycle Planning Services

The team from Danory Digital Consulting can work with your current platform and providers to come up with long-term solutions that are tailored to meet your goals and future business needs. Choosing to work with Danory Digital Consulting means knowing that our team will:

  1. Learn about your business goals.
  2. Help you select and purchase the right technology for reaching your business goals.
  3. Keep you on the cutting edge of industry technology.
  4. Make new recommendations if your goals ever change.
  5. Audit your company and have in-depth discussions with your team.
  6. Provide your company with a CTO.

If you would like to learn more about what lifecycle planning is, or if you are interested in their lifecycle planning services, please contact Danory Digital Consulting at 604-371-0714 or by filling out a contact form on their website.