What is Needed for an Abbotsford Real Estate Title Transfer?

26 May 2020 Notary Public

Whether you are directly selling your real estate property or transferring it to a family member, there are rules that need to be followed to properly transfer real estate into someone else’s name. It is incredibly important to know what is needed for an Abbotsford real estate title transfer if you live in the Fraser Valley and intend to transfer your property for any reason. At Sidhu & Associates, we are passionate about ensuring that our clients have everything they need to make successful real estate transitions, which is why we offer comprehensive real estate and conveyancing services.

Abbotsford Real Estate Title Transfer Requirements

Real estate title transfers are reasonably intricate processes and can be overwhelming if you do not have experience with them. If you live in Abbotsford and are looking to transfer your real estate, it is worth getting help from an experienced professional notary public. An experienced notary will often know when title transfers might be exempt from certain taxes, so you can often save money by working with the right notary public. Some of the different items that will need to be completed in order to file a British Columbia real estate title transfer include:

Documentation Completion

Before anything else can be done, a variety of different documents will need to be completed and reviewed for accuracy. These include title transfer intake forms, land transfer forms, quitclaim deeds, property tax bills, and others that your notary can go over with you.

Clarify Terms with New Owners

Whoever is receiving the property will need to be informed of the conditions of the transfer. Discussing tenancy, right of survivorship, and other conditions will be necessary.

Register Title Changes

There are many title changes that will need to be registered, including insurance policies and utilities. It is also vitally important to advise the current mortgage broker of the change in title.

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