What is Power Sweeping?

25 Mar 2021 Cleaning Services

Power sweeping is an effective method of removing dirt, debris, fluids, and other litter from surfaces through the use of an industrial-grade sweeper truck. It is commonly used for parking lots, city streets, and strata lots to ensure that they are clean and safe. At Atlas Power Sweeping, they provide complete power sweeping solutions for all types of high-traffic surfaces. Their experienced team uses high-powered sweeper trucks, flush trucks, and vacuum trucks to deliver a deep clean every time.

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Where is Power Sweeping Used?

Power sweeping is a great option for high-traffic areas that need to meet certain cleanliness standards or need to maintain a clean appearance. Power sweeping can be used in the following areas:

Commercial Parking Lots

Retail store and office building parking lots feature a steady and consistent flow of traffic. With this traffic comes a large amount of litter, debris, and potential vehicle fluids. To ensure the cleanliness and safety of these lots, power sweeping is a popular choice. A sweeper truck deeply cleans the surface of the concrete while picking up any debris. The result is a spotless parking lot that is free from gravel, litter, oil, coolant, and other potential hazards.

City Streets

When it comes to consistent and heavy traffic, city streets easily stand at the top of the list. Excess litter, road debris, tree leaves, and other objects can quickly build up on roads. This can lead to objects being launched by vehicles, tripped on by pedestrians crossing the road, or potentially blocking drainage systems. Consistent power sweeping ensures that main roads stay clean and safe while extending the usable life of the asphalt by reducing potential wear.

Strata Lots

Condo buildings, apartment complexes, and townhouse lots often feature common paths and parking spaces that need consistent maintenance. Consistent power sweeping at set intervals is an efficient method of ensuring that these strata lots stay clean and in good repair. Power sweeping can be equally effective for aboveground and underground parking lots, even if they are multiple stories tall.

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