What is Redi-Rock®?

13 Apr 2021 Precast Concrete

Redi-Rock® is an innovative and durable wall solution that utilizes interlocking blocks designed by a team of skilled engineers. These unique blocks stack easily and feature a knob-and-groove design that results in a strong hold that can withstand harsh weather with ease. Each block is constructed from precast concrete that is designed to look and feel like natural stone, making them suitable for a variety of sites. At Eagle West Crane and Rigging, they are proud to carry a complete range of Redi-Rock® concrete blocks. That is why their team has provided some information to help you understand what Redi-Rock® is and how it can work for your current project.

What can Redi-Rock® be Used for?

Redi-Rock® is designed to offer complete retaining wall solutions for a variety of sites and environments. Redi-Rock® blocks can be used for many types of projects including:

  • Water management projects (storm water channels, retention ponds, etc.).
  • Infrastructure projects for municipalities.
  • Free-standing walls.
  • Columns, steps, and caps.
  • Residential projects for retaining soil to protect against erosion.
  • Abutments, wing walls, and retaining walls for bridges.
  • Commercial developments for optimizing land use (parking space, temporary equipment/material storage, etc.).
  • Road and highway barriers.
  • Railway retaining walls.

Redi-Rock® offers a variety of precast concrete products for all sites and project requirements. Reach out to the experts at Eagle West Crane & Rigging to learn more about their selection of Redi-Rock® products and solutions. Their team will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your exact project requirements.

Benefits of Redi-Rock®

Building a retaining wall can be a complicated process that involves many different materials and equipment. Redi-Rock® stones are designed to simplify this process and provide several benefits including:

  • Easier installation with a mobile crane and small crew. Consistent sizing and weight allow for streamlined lifting and rigging processes.
  • Enhanced durability and stability due to an interlocking design and precise engineering.
  • Superior Aesthetics. Redi-Rock® stones maintain the look and feel of natural stone such as limestone, cobblestone, and ledgestone without the heavy price tag and lead times.
  • A complete product line. There is a Redi-Rock® product for every type of wall in every type of setting. Stones are also available in a variety of shapes to allow for unique walls and fixtures.

To learn more about Redi-Rock® products and how they can be used for your project, reach out to your nearest Eagle West Crane & Rigging location. Their team can also be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.