What is Road Traffic Management?

9 Jul 2020 Traffic Control

In order to better understand how construction zones on roadways work, you will first need to understand what road traffic management is. At Valley Traffic Systems, they understand the vital role traffic management plays in ensuring the safety of everyone on the road. That is why they carry a wide selection of traffic management equipment.

What is Traffic Management?

Road traffic management is the combination of measures taken to safely mitigate the impact of construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, incident management, and special events on roadways in order to maintain mobility and the safety of workers, drivers, and pedestrians. Traffic management typically follows a plan that is designed to outline traffic hazards and to specify any measures needed for traffic control. These types of plans will also take into account appropriate measures for local and regional requirements.

What is Included in a Traffic Management Plan?

In order to ensure the safety of workers and that the work does not endanger other people using the road, a traffic management plan for a construction zone will include information about:

  • The type of work being completed and how much of the road will be closed
  • The duration of the work
  • The hours in which the work will take place during the day
  • The classification of the road being worked on
  • The legal maximum speed limit
  • The location of the road (urban or rural)
  • The number of vehicles that use the road on a day-to-day basis (traffic volume)
  • The road surface in general and during construction
  • Any pedestrians or cyclists that could pass through or near the work zone
  • Hazards related to vehicle traffic
  • Written procedures for setting up, maintaining, and removing the work zone
  • Roles and responsibilities for setting up, maintaining, and removing the work zone
  • The maximum speed allowed for vehicles passing through the work zone
  • The layout of the work zone (with flexible layouts taken into consideration, as changes may need to be made as the work progresses)
  • Types of signaling or traffic control devices to be used at the location
  • Management of any hazards created by the road work
  • A communication strategy for informing the public of the road work and temporary traffic diversion in advance
  • What the procedures are in case of an incident

If you would like to learn more about what road traffic management is, or if you are interested in one their traffic management products, please contact Valley Traffic Systems at the location nearest you or by filling out a quote on their website.