What is the Best Crane to Use for Tilt-Up Construction?

12 Nov 2020 Mobile Cranes

Due to its fast build times and affordable structure costs, tilt-up construction is a popular form of building in many areas. These jobs almost always require a crane to raise the pieces of the building into place, so it can be helpful to know what the best crane is to use for tilt-up construction. Tilt-up construction is one of the main industries we serve at TNT Crane & Rigging, and we are always happy to talk about how cranes can be used for your specific construction job in order to help you complete the work efficiently and safely.

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What Determines Which Crane Should be Used in Tilt Up Construction?

When it comes to tilt-up building jobs, most types of mobile cranes can be used, depending on the circumstances of the build. Tilt-up construction jobs come in all sizes and can differ greatly in many ways, so the type of crane that will be needed will depend on a variety of factors:

The Size of the Components

Some tilt-up concrete jobs involve larger structural components than other building jobs. The size and weight of the components being installed will make a major difference on the kind of mobile crane needed.

Terrain Being Built On

The type of terrain that the new building is being constructed on will affect what kind of crane should be used. Some cranes are not suited to traverse over difficult or unstable ground, while others can handle these job sites with ease. If a tilt-up construction job is taking place in areas that are difficult to get to, a specific type of equipment, such as a crawler crane or rough terrain crane, might be needed.

Overhead Clearance

Whether or not there is any overhead obstacles will also make a difference in what crane should be used. Some cranes have articulating booms that can make operating in areas with low overhead clearance easier.

If you are interested in finding out more about what the best crane to use for tilt-up construction is, or if you are interested in any of our crane rental services, please reach out to the team at TNT Crane & Rigging and we will help you find the answers you are looking for.