What is the Difference Between a Crane Jib and Boom?

16 Jun 2022 Mobile Cranes

When it comes to mobile cranes, there are many different components, features, and other elements to consider when choosing a unit for your project. While every component of a mobile crane serves a vital purpose, few are as important as the boom and the jib. Though these components share some similarities, they have several distinct characteristics. As a leading provider of mobile crane rentals for various industries, the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging knows how important it is the have the right equipment for the job. That is why they have compiled some information on the differences between a crane jib and boom to help you understand what they are, how they differ, and what you will need to complete your project.

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What is a Crane Boom?

The most distinct and recognizable part of a mobile crane, the boom is a long arm that can extend or retract as needed for a lift. The primary purpose of the boom is to lift, move, and position materials. Booms bear most of the load and determine the total reach of the crane, making them a primary specification for every unit. Crane booms can be telescopic or articulating, allowing you to choose the best option for the job. While telescopic booms are used for most projects due to their length and lift capacity, articulating/knuckle booms are great for sites with many overhead obstacles as they can move up and around obstructions to place materials. Regardless of the configuration, crane booms can be used with or without a crane jib based on the handling requirements of your project.

What is a Crane Jib?

The jib is a secondary structure that can be attached to the end of the boom. Jibs increase the arm length of a mobile crane at the cost of lift capacity, making them a great option for projects that need materials to be lifted to great heights or over great distances. Most jibs utilize a lattice design to reduce the amount of weight they add to the load and to the mobile crane itself. While jibs are often included as part of a mobile crane rental, they can be set up or removed as necessary based on the lift.

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