What is the Difference Between a Jib and a Boom?

9 Apr 2020 Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes have many different components that help them to accomplish various hoisting tasks. Two of the main pieces that can be seen on most cranes are the jib and the boom. Knowing the difference between a jib and a boom can help to ensure that you get the right equipment for whatever job you need done. At Stampede Crane & Rigging, we understand the importance of giving our clients as much information as possible about the equipment that will be helping them on their jobsite, so we are always happy to answer any questions about our cranes that we can.

The Difference Between Jibs and Booms on Cranes

Both jibs and booms are the arms that extend off of a crane’s main body, but what is the difference between the two components? Knowing the difference between booms and jibs can help you to know when to use the two components.

Crane Booms

Booms on cranes can take various forms and they can operate in many different ways. They can be solid, telescopic, or articulating and they are the main arm that attaches to a crane and moves around to lift and position a load. Booms are able to work without jibs on many cranes and they bear most of the weight of a load. The main component that determines the reach of a crane is the boom.

Crane Jibs

Jibs are secondary arms that extend off of the end of a boom. They allow the crane to have extra reach, but they often reduce the amount of weight that a crane can hoist. Jibs often use a lattice design in order to reduce the amount of weight that they add to a load. Although some cranes include jibs as necessary components, they are often additional pieces that can be removed when necessary.

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