What is the Maximum Reach of a Mobile Crane?

6 May 2021 Mobile Cranes

When choosing a mobile crane for your operation, many specifications and site requirements must be considered. Understanding your capacity, reach, and terrain requirements will enable you to choose the ideal mobile crane for your site. Among the specs of a mobile crane, maximum reach is one of the most important capabilities to consider. Knowing what the maximum outreach of a mobile crane is will quickly allow you to determine if it is suitable for your site. As experts in mobile cranes, the team at Stampede Crane & Rigging has compiled some information on the maximum reach of mobile cranes and what can affect it.

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What affects the Maximum Reach of a Mobile Crane?

Though every mobile crane has a rated weight capacity and maximum reach, many factors can affect these numbers. The following factors tend to have the most significant impact on the maximum reach of a mobile crane:

The Weight of the Load

As a general rule, the weight capacity of a crane is highest near the mast or main body. As loads travel further away from the body, this weight capacity decreases in proportion to the distance. This means that the maximum reach of a mobile crane will also be reduced based on the weight of the materials being lifted. Lighter loads can be lifted higher and further away, while heavier loads often need to be significantly closer to the main body of the crane.

Environmental Conditions

Weather and surface conditions will greatly influence the maximum reach capabilities of a mobile crane. For example, if it is raining, it is often safer to keep the load closer to the main body of the crane. If it is windy or stormy, however, the lift should be delayed until the weather clears up. If the crane is on a hard and level surface, it will be able to lift heavier loads to greater heights. These capacities will likely be reduced on surfaces such as mud or loose gravel even with the use of outriggers.

The Type of Mobile Crane

The type of mobile crane—hydraulic all-terrain, picker truck, rough terrain, or crawler—greatly impacts maximum reach. For example, a crawler crane can offer up to 300’ of boom and an additional 300’ of jib extensions while all-terrain cranes offer up to 197’ of reach height. Knowing the height requirements of your site and the weight of the objects you will be lifting is crucial for determining the correct type of mobile crane for your needs.

To learn more about the maximum reach of mobile cranes and factors that affect it, contact the experts at Stampede Crane & Rigging. Their team can be reached through their online contact form and will work with you to determine the ideal mobile crane for your project.