What Kind of Crane to Use for HVAC Installations

16 Sep 2020 Mobile Cranes

There are many different types of mobile cranes and knowing which ones should be used for different operations can ensure that you are able to request the proper equipment for your particular needs. At TNT Crane & Rigging, our fleet of mobile cranes enables us to assist with a wide range of types of hoisting operations and we know exactly what kind of crane to use for HVAC installations.

Mobile Cranes for HVAC Installations

The type of crane that should be used for an HVAC installation will depend on a variety of factors. Although HVAC units tend to be very heavy, many different types of cranes are capable of hoisting them to the height required for installation. Some of the factors that affect what kind of mobile crane should be used for any HVAC installation job include:

The Height of the Building

One of the main factors that determine what crane should be used to install an HVAC unit is the height of the building in which the unit is being installed. Cranes have maximum heights that they should be used at that are determined by the machine’s reach and the weight of the load being hoisted, so make sure that you talk to an expert to plan the job.

The Size of the HVAC Unit

The size and weight of the HVAC unit is the other main factor that determines what kind of crane should be used. If the unit is heavy enough, it is possible that a special mobile crane will be required.

The Location of the Installation

If the HVAC unit is being installed in downtown Edmonton on a paved road, the type of crane that will be required will be different from an HVAC installation on a new construction site with unfinished or unstable ground. Some types of mobile cranes are more capable of maneuvering into tight spaces than others, so the accessibility of the jobsite will also affect the type of crane that is used.

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