What Kind of Deck is Best for Swim Ponds?

9 Jul 2020 Water Features

Lounging around a natural swim pond is one of the best ways to enjoy a backyard but, in order to enjoy your pond properly, it is important to have a proper deck around your pond to lounge on. There are plenty of different types of decking that can be implemented with a swim pond and the style that should be used will depend on the overall aesthetic of the rest of the yard. As experienced pond designers and installers we, at Fontana Ponds & Water Features, know what kind of deck is best for swim ponds, and we are always ready to help out with an idea for your backyard oasis.

What is the Best Type of Deck for a Swim Pond?

When designing a natural swim pond, it is important to ensure that all of the different components tie into one another and work together to create one cohesive aesthetic. There are many different materials that work well as decking for backyard swim ponds. In order to decide which one to use for your yard, you must consider the overall aesthetic of the yard and pick something that works well with it. Regardless of what material is chosen for your swim pond deck, it is important to make sure that the surface cannot become slippery when it gets wet and that it is not bumpy or uneven. Some options for natural swim pond decks include:


One of the most popular types of decks for swim ponds is wood decking. These decks are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into other landscape structures easily. Wood decks can easily be built to extend out over the pond a bit to create a sort of dock and they can include other features such as seating, shade structures, railings, lighting, and more. Pond decks made from wood can also be styled to match nearly any aesthetic.

Bricks and Pavers

Bricks and pavers are an excellent option for decking around swim ponds because they can tie into almost any aesthetic theme. They often look a bit industrial on their own, but they can be made to look more natural with the right finishing touches. Bricks and pavers are not typically too slippery, but they can become uneven if installed incorrectly.


One of the best options for decking around ponds is flat stone or flagstone. Stone pond decks do not usually get slippery on their own, but they can provide an easy surface for moss to grow, so they need to be maintained. Flagstone decks are one of the best looking options due to their natural appeal.


While concrete is not always the most attractive or natural looking option for a swim pond deck, it can be installed using certain techniques that give it a better aesthetic. Concrete is a great option as it is low maintenance, low cost, versatile, and easy to customize.

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