What Kind of Livestock Feeder do I Need?

25 May 2021 Farm Products

When it comes to raising livestock, wasted and spilled feed can become a costly challenge. Though some farmers may choose to place feed on the ground, a large portion can be lost due to wind, rain, and livestock walking through it. To ensure minimal feed spillage, it is important to choose the right livestock feeder for your farm. The cost of a livestock feeder is quickly offset by minimizing the amount of money lost with spilled or ruined feed. With a leading selection of quality livestock feeders, the team at Edge Wholesale Direct understands the challenge of determining the best option. That is why they have compiled some information to help you determine what kind of livestock feeder you need.

Learn about the process of choosing the right type of livestock feeder.

Important Considerations for Livestock Feeders

When choosing a livestock feeder for your farm, it is worth considering the following questions:

What Animals are you Feeding?

Though there are a few livestock feeders that can work for nearly any animal, certain types of specialized feeders can be an optimal choice depending on the livestock on your farm. For example, horses and pigs will likely require different feeders while goats and sheep can likely use the same type. Hay feeders, open feed troughs, hybrid feeders, and self-feeding options are common examples of feeding solutions that can be used for a variety of animals. If you are unsure of which type of feeder is right for your needs, reach out to the team at Edge Wholesale Direct.

What Hazards do you Deal With?

Between animals, potential predators, and harsh weather, feeders tend to withstand a large amount of wear and tear throughout the course of a year. Consider the typical weather conditions and tendencies of your livestock. For example, if you are faced with consistently strong winds, you may want to choose an enclosed feeder instead of an open option. This will ensure that you are choosing a feeder that will deliver lasting performance and optimal safety for your livestock.

Do you Need Multiple Feeders?

For some farms, a single feeder may not be enough to get the job done. If you raise many different types of livestock, you may also need different feeders to accommodate their varying sizes and appetites. For example, horses can eat from various types of tall feeders, but cattle and sheep may require shorter feeders for full access.

To learn more about livestock feeders and other farm solutions, get in touch with the team at Edge Wholesale Direct.