What Order Should a Room be Painted In?

7 Nov 2019 Painting Services

Knowing what order a room should be painted in will give you a better understanding of the steps a professional painter will take to provide your home with a high-quality finish. At Dunbar Painting, they want to help ensure that the process for painting the interior of your home is as smooth as possible. That is why they offer a range of interior home painting services.

What Order Should a Room be Painted In?

While the order in which a room should be painted can vary, in most cases, rooms tend to be painted in the following order:

1. Masking Floor & Protecting the Furniture

Before starting to repair and paint the walls in your home, a professional painter will move, cover, and mask large pieces of furniture, as well as the floor. Covering the furniture and floor will help prevent any paint splatter from causing stains.

2. Repairing Walls

Once the furniture and floors have been properly covered, a painting company will start by repairing any damage on the surface of the walls in the room. This includes filling holes and wall damage, caulking the joints around the trim, sanding walls to remove texture, and spot priming repaired or bare wood areas; however, in the event that the damage on the walls will require several coats of filler to look perfect, a professional painter may choose to start working on this well in advance of painting.

3. Painting the Ceiling

If the ceiling is being a painted a different colour from the walls in the room, a professional painter will paint the ceiling once any damage has been repaired; however, if there is extensive repair work that needs to be done to the ceiling, the professional painter may decide to paint the ceiling at a different point in the process.

4. Paint Trim & Complete Wall Repairs

After the ceiling has been painted, a professional painting company will finish any outstanding wall repairs and will start painting the trim. In the event that a high-quality paint product like Benjamin Moore Advance is being used, a professional painter may choose to do some of the trim last to accommodate the longer drying time between coats without slowing down the rest of the work.

5. Paint Walls

Before starting to paint the walls, a painting company will carefully tape the baseboards to help protect from any splatter. A professional painter will then start painting the walls in the room. While most wall paint jobs can be completed within one day, if you are wanting to drastically change the paint colour from a dark to light colour, the paint job will take an extra day to properly accommodate extra coats.

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