What is Organic Soil Made of?

3 Oct 2019 Landscape Supplies

Finding out what organic soil is made of can help you make an informed decision about whether or not organic soil is the best option for your garden. At Just Mulch, they want to help you select the best soil products for your gardening needs. That is why they offer a selection of mulch and soil products that are perfect for all garden types.

What is Organic Soil?

Organic soil is a type of soil that consists of decomposing plants and animal materials that create a nutrient and mineral rich mini ecosystem with microorganisms that feed and breathe life back into the soil. In other words, organic soil is how soil exists in nature, without chemicals or synthetic and modified ingredients that deplete the soil of its natural richness.

Organic soil is made up of three main particles: sand, clay, and silt. While the ideal soil consists of equal parts sand, clay, and silt, soils are highly influenced by climate. This means that natural soil from an unideal climate will need to be amended with mulch, compost, or manure to create on organic soil that is rich in nutrients.

Benefits of Organic Soil

Some of the main benefits of organic soil include:

Organic Soil is Environmentally Friendly

Since organic soil is made up of all-natural ingredients, it is 100% environmentally friendly and can help create sustainability that will continue to enrich your soil over time. This, in turn, means that your garden will produce more lush and healthy plants, fruits, and vegetables that are completely safe for you and your family.

Organic Soil Saves You Time and Money

Adding organic soil to the native soil in your garden can help balance drainage and water retention. Since organic soil can retain water longer than synthetic soils can, your plants are provided with better access to the water they need to grow while also allowing you to water less frequently.

Organic Soil Lowers the Need for Chemicals and Pesticides

Unlike synthetic soils, organic soil is composed of nutrient and mineral rich elements that provide extra layers of protection from pests and disease. Since the nutrients in organic soil provide natural protection, using organic soil in your garden will lower the need to buy chemical pesticides that introduce synthetic elements to your plants.

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