What Paint is Best for Interior Trim?

25 Feb 2021 Painting Services

Interior trim usually requires a different kind of paint from regular walls as it is made from different materials and sits in areas that can easily be scuffed or damaged. Trim is also meant to draw the eye in different ways, so it is important to investigate what paint is best for interior trim before getting started with your interior painting job. The team at Dunbar Painting is always happy to help our clients pick the best paint for their home and we can ensure that you get the exact paint needed for your home’s trim.

The Best Paint for Interior Home Trim

If you are looking to get paint for your trim, the first thing you will want to decide on is colour and sheen. Once you have established these items, you will need to determine what the trim that is being painted was previously coated with.

If Oil Paint Was Used:

If you need to paint over trim that was previously coated in oil paint, it is important to follow a specific procedure to ensure that the new paint adheres properly. Before applying a new coat of paint, the old trim will need to be degreased and scuff sanded to prepare the surface. Once this is done, be sure to select a paint with high adhesion. At Dunbar Painting, we have two paints that we tend to use to paint over oil paints on trim:

  • Benjamin Moore Advance – this hybrid alkyd paint is both alkyd and water-based, meaning that it adheres well to oil-based paint. While this is one of the best options for these situations, it can take a while for this paint to cure, meaning that it is not ideal for jobs that need to be completed in less than two days.
  • Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel – this trim paint is water-based, but it dries quickly and has a high enough adhesion to stick well to oil-based paints.

If Latex Paint Was Used:

In most cases where water-based paint was used to paint trim, any paint from any manufacturer can be used; however, some paints are better suited for trim than others. Most manufacturers have specific paints designed for trim that have a higher sheen and better hardness and durability. In most cases, a paint with a higher sheen will also have better durability. Again, Benjamin Moore Advance and Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel are excellent choices for painting over trim with a water-based paint surface.

If the Trim is Unpainted:

In situations wherein the trim being painted was just installed and is only primed, many painters will prefer to apply the new paint using a sprayer, especially if the work is being done for new construction. The paint used will usually be something that will not run or drip when sprayed. Benjamin Moore Advance is often used in these scenarios, as it takes longer to harden and can easily be sanded between coats. If time is pressing, many painters will prefer to use a paint like Sherwin Williams Pro Classic.

If you would like to learn more about what paint is best for interior trim, or to find out about our painting services, please call the team at Dunbar Painting.