What is a Pre-Engineered Building?

30 Jul 2019 Pre-Engineered Buildings

Knowing what a pre-engineered building is and its various uses in different industries can help to ensure that you are equipped to make the best decision possible when building a new structure. Pre-engineered buildings are becoming increasingly popular for their durability, low levels of required maintenance, cost-effectiveness, versatility, and fast construction times. At Ferro Building Systems, they supply pre-engineered building services across BC and Alberta and they are prepared to answer any questions that you might have.

What is a Pre-Engineered Building?

A pre-engineered building is a structure that has been designed and manufactured at a factory or workshop and then shipped to a building site to be assembled quickly and easily. Most high-quality pre-engineered buildings are made from steel frameworks with either steel or aluminum components which are fabricated to suit the exact size specifications of each individual building and then bolted together onsite.

Pre-engineered buildings are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes and they can come with a wide range of features and options. They are used for many different applications, including agriculture, transportation, waste management, oil and energy, warehousing, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and government, medical, and educational institutions.

Why Use a Pre-Engineered Building?

Pre-engineered buildings offer a variety of benefits. Some of the best reasons to use one of these buildings for your next build include:


Because there are so many options available for structure and optional features, they can suit nearly any application. They can be customized and added to with relative ease, so you are almost guaranteed to get a product that will perfectly meet your needs.

Speed and Ease of Construction

If you need a building to be constructed quickly but do not want to sacrifice quality and strength, pre-engineered buildings are the way to go. Since these buildings come to your building site completely ready to be constructed, the time that needs to be spent in construction is minimal.


Pre-engineered buildings are made out of incredibly hardy materials. With the main components being made of high-grade steel, these structures can take a severe beating and stay standing. They also require very little maintenance, meaning that time and money can be saved later on down the road.

If you are interested in finding out more about what a pre-engineered building is or its uses, or to learn more about some of the pre-engineered building options that they offer, please contact Ferro Building Systems at 604-530-3224 or fill out a contact form on their website.