What Should a Custom Home Include?

23 Mar 2021 Custom Building

Building a custom home is a great way to get the features you have always wanted but have never been able to find in existing homes. Large spa-like bathrooms, master bedrooms with a great view, and extravagant dining rooms for entertaining are common examples of these features, but there are many lesser-known features to consider as well. That is why the team at Northwest Construction has compiled a list of unique features that should be included in any modern custom home. Through their complete custom home building solutions, they will work to bring these features to life.

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Ideas to Include in Your Custom Home

When thinking of designing a custom home, most will think of the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, or bedrooms first. Though these are undoubtedly important, there are several unique features that can greatly increase the quality of life in your home. These features include:

Large Windows and Skylights

The right amount of natural light can highlight the best parts of your custom home while cutting down on energy usage during the day. Large custom-designed windows in various rooms of the house can also add a unique aesthetic touch to both the interior and exterior of the home. Skylights can also be utilized for areas like hallways and storage rooms to maintain a consistent level of light throughout each room.

Custom Shelving

Though shelving is hardly the most exciting consideration for a custom home, it can play an important practical and aesthetic role. By opting for walls with built-in shelves in unique designs, you can store objects in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner. Built-in shelves are often highly useful in living rooms for entertainment systems, bedrooms for books, and kitchens for dishes and small appliances.

Hidden Storage

Storage is essential for any home, but it does not need to be boring. Pull-out compartments under the stairs, hidden side rooms, and other unique storage ideas allow you to optimize your space while keeping every room free of clutter.

Additional Rooms

Conventional homes feature bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. With a custom home, you can have all of these rooms in addition to some unique purpose-driven spaces. For example, a mudroom can be added to your entryway to ensure that no mud or rain is tracked into your home. An indoor garden room can be added to your home for a place to relax and unwind while a small bathroom can be converted into a pet-oriented grooming station.

An Expanded Garage

If you are anticipating having a large number of people or multiple generations within your home, it is never a bad idea to have an expanded garage. Even if you do not use the extra car space at first, it can be used for valuable storage.

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