What Should be Included in a Commercial Security System?

24 Sep 2020 Licensed Electrician

Commercial security should consist of a variety of components. While the main components that keep a commercial facility safe should be physical and structural, there are a few electrical elements that should be factored in as well to ensure that trespassers and thieves are as sufficiently deterred as possible. At BNR Electric, we have plenty of experience helping companies with our range of commercial electrical services, which include security implementations.

Electrical Components in a Commercial Security System

Even some of the most secure facilities can be broken into, so it is important to have surveillance, alarm, and other emergency systems in place to ensure that your commercial investment is as protected as possible. Some of the different electrical components that should be included in any commercial security system include:

Security Cameras

One of the biggest deterrents for crime is the fear of getting caught, so having security cameras installed throughout your facility can go a long way to keep your commercial space crime-free. There are many different options for closed-circuit camera surveillance, so make sure that you consult a professional to find out what your options are. Some can be paired with other monitoring systems and motion detectors in order to give you alerts about what happens on your property when you are not there.

Alarm Systems

Having a proper burglar alarm installed is another integral part of any security system’s electrical setup. Alarms should be set up to alert a good local security company in order to minimize the amount of time that trespassers have on your property. Fire alarms should also be factored into the electrical security plan for a facility, as they often get paired into a comprehensive alarm package.

Access Control

Access control systems allow you to restrict certain types of access to selected spaces. Keypads, smart locks, and other systems can be implemented to monitor and prevent access and increase the security of areas in a commercial space.

Motion Detectors and Security Lights

Security lights should be used at every entrance to a commercial space, as most criminals prefer to work in low visibility. Motion sensors can also be used to trigger various electrical systems, such as cameras, alarms, or lights.

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