What Structures can be Built on Agricultural Land?

9 Apr 2020 Custom Building

Having a clear idea of what structures can be built on agricultural land will help ensure that you only build structures that are zoned for agricultural properties. At Twin Maple Construction, they understand how important it is to have the right buildings on your farm. That is why they offer a range of agricultural construction services.

Types of Farm Structures

Some of the different types of farm structures that you can build include:


The farmhouse is the hub of any residential farm and is usually located close to the barn and closer to the road than the other buildings. In some cases, multigenerational farms can feature more than one farmhouse and larger farms may have separate dwellings for staff.


While the traditional red barn is the building most associated with a farmstead, there are many different types of barns to choose from, depending on the purpose of the farm. For instance, dairy farms will often have larger barns that feature stalls for the cows and a separate milking area, while horse farms will feature barns with large stalls for each horse and a tack room. Larger farms may even have several barns on the premises to house different types of livestock.


Silos are traditionally located at the end of a barn and are commonly used to store animal feed, such as chopped hay or corn; however, larger farms will also use temperature-controlled metal silos to store commercial crops in an airtight environment. The top of each silo has to be properly ventilated to ensure that any dangerous gases from the fermenting grains are being released properly.

Poultry Barns

Poultry barns are specifically designed for raising chickens for egg or meat consumption, depending on the type of poultry being raised. While all poultry barns are designed to provide chickens with enough space to move around freely, each type of barn is designed to house one type of bird. For instance, broiler barns focus on feeding chickens to allow them to fully grow for meat production, while layer barns work to maximize egg production by incorporating perches and multilevel nests.

Most poultry barns today tend to focus on creating a free-range environment for chickens by allowing them to walk around in a cage-free environment and by providing them with access to an outdoor area for portions of their lifespan. Poultry barns can also be equipped with conveyor belts to maximize egg collection.

Machinery Storage

Pole barns and large sheds can be used to protect tractors, tillers, and other farming vehicles and equipment from harsh weather conditions. In most cases, these farm structures also include enough space for maintenance and repair to be performed on the machinery.

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