What is Tilt-Up Construction?

25 Jul 2019 Precast Concrete

Mobile cranes are among the most important devices that are used in tilt-up construction, which means that, at Eagle West Crane and Rigging, they have worked on many tilt-up construction jobs. To effectively serve clients, it has been important for them to properly understand what tilt-up construction is as well as its variety of uses and benefits.

What is Tilt-Up Construction?

Tilt-up construction is a method of building that uses pre-formed walls or other building components to assemble buildings quickly and efficiently. In a tilt-up project, a building’s walls are custom formed using concrete and then raised into position using a crane. They are then secured in place to form exterior walls. Tilt-up construction is a popular building method for low-rise buildings.

Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction

The primary benefit of tilt-up construction is the speed with which a building can be erected. Once the walls are formed, they merely need to be lifted into place and secured. Because this method of construction is so fast, with an experienced team, most tilt-up jobs end up costing less than other methods of construction. Precast concrete is also a reasonably less expensive option than pouring concrete onsite when compared with other building materials.

Tilt-up buildings are also incredibly durable and they require very little maintenance. The combination of concrete and rebar makes for a solid structure and, with the right aesthetic touches, tilt-up buildings can be inviting to look at.

Cranes and Tilt-Up Construction

Cranes are necessary to hoist the different components of a tilt-up building into place. The lift capacity of the crane being used should always exceed the weight of the components being tilted into place and it should also be capable of traversing the kind of terrain present at the jobsite. In many tilt-up construction projects, there is no space to form and pour the concrete for the walls onsite and, in such cases, the walls are poured offsite and delivered by truck. In these projects, it is important to be equipped with a mobile crane that can remove the components from the truck and move them across a jobsite to be assembled.

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