What to Consider for Chilliwack Secondary Suites

23 Jul 2020 Custom Building

If you are planning on putting a renter’s suite in your new home or if you are planning on renovating your existing property to include a renter’s suite, it is important to know what to consider for Chilliwack secondary suites. A secondary suite can be a great way to save money on a mortgage and make use of your home’s space and, at Stattonrock Design + Build, our wealth of experience in custom renovations has equipped us to know what to keep in mind when planning out a secondary suite for a Chilliwack home.

Things to Consider for Chilliwack Secondary Suites

Installing a secondary suite for your Chilliwack home can raise its value and provide you with an extra source of income, but it is important to consider a couple of things before getting started with planning your renovation. Some things to keep in mind include:

The Property’s Zoning

The very first thing that should be considered when looking at installing a secondary suite is the zoning on your property. Many properties in Chilliwack are not zoned to allow for a rental suite, especially if it is being installed over a separated garage, shop, or agricultural building. Whether your home is on the ALR or in a Chilliwack suburb, it is worth having somebody who knows how to navigate zoning permits take a look at your plans before getting started with any renovation in order to avoid finding out that your rental suite is not legal.

How the Suite Layout Affects Your Home

If the secondary suite is going to be attached to your home as a basement suite, upstairs suite, or otherwise, it is important to consider how its layout will affect your living space. If the entrance to the suite will be shared with your living space, make sure that you have a solution in mind for both security and privacy. Ask yourself questions such as what areas will be shared and who will be responsible for caring for those areas.

Have a Solution for Sound

Many older homes in Chilliwack are not set up well to insulate against sound between spaces. This can be a major problem when installing a rental suite, as music, sounds from the television, footsteps, and voices can carry through walls and floors. Talk to a professional builder to make sure you have a solution for this problem to avoid future conflicts.

How Big of a Renovation is Required?

In many cases for Chilliwack homes, the original floorplan did not include any prospects for a secondary suite, meaning that large-scale renovations are required to separate electrical components of the home, install the proper plumbing implements, and rearrange the room layout of the rental suite. In such cases, it is often best to call on the experience of a professional builder.

If you are interested in finding out more about what to consider for Chilliwack secondary suites, or to find out more about the services offered by Stattonrock Design + Build, please contact us and we will be sure to get back to you with the information you need.