What to Do if a Circuit Breaker will not Reset

14 Nov 2019 Licensed Electrician

If you have ever been the victim of a circuit breaker that will not stay set in the “on” position, you are not alone. Many people experience this problem and there are a variety of reasons that this can occur. In order to know what to do if a circuit breaker will not reset, it is important to first know why the problem is occurring. If you are ever unsure about any kind of electrical issue, such as a malfunctioning or overactive electrical breaker, you should always call a licensed and experienced electrician like the ones at Expert Electric.

Why Won’t My Circuit Breaker Reset?

There are many reasons that circuit breakers can trip and knowing these reasons can help you to figure out why you are not able to reset the breaker. Some of the reasons that a circuit breaker might trip and the methods to deal with the issue include:

Circuit Overloads

The most common cause of a tripped breaker is a circuit overload. Circuit overloads are one of the easiest problems to fix because they typically occur due to external issues, such as having too many appliances on the same circuit. In order to fix an overloaded circuit, allow the circuit to cool down, unplug or turn off a few of the items that might be drawing too much power, and flip the breaker. Once the breaker is back on, only use one of the appliances that are plugged into that circuit at a time.

Short Circuits

If a breaker is repeatedly tripping or will not reset and no high voltage equipment is currently drawing electricity, the problem could be due to a short circuit. Short circuits occur when the hot wire that carries the electricity comes into contact with a neutral wire, which can cause a fire if left unaddressed. The circuit breaker is designed to trip in order to protect your home. If you believe that this could be the issue, leave the breaker in the “off” position and call an electrician right away.

Other Common Issues

Although overloads and short circuits are the most common reasons that a breaker might not reset, there are other reasons that somebody might experience trouble. Although a faulty breaker is uncommon, this issue can occur, and it is important to have it addressed by a licensed electrician. Human error can also play a role in a breaker that seemingly will not reset. Some breaker switches can be extremely stiff and require a decent amount of pressure to flip while, in other cases, a person might be trying to switch the wrong breaker.

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