What to Know Before Starting a Home Renovation

21 Nov 2019 Custom Building

Renovating your home can be a long and messy procedure, so it is important to ensure that you have a plan in place before beginning in order to minimize headache. Hiring a professional home builder can ensure that the job is done right, and they can also help you be aware of things you should know before starting a home renovation. At Stattonrock Design + Build, we are well-versed in every stage of home renovations and we can ensure that our clients’ lives are disturbed as little as possible throughout the process.

Things to Know Before Starting Your Home Renovation

It is important to have the right expectations of how your home renovation will progress. Being prepared can ensure that you are aware of what is being done to your home and it can expedite the project. Some things to keep in mind when starting a home renovation include:

The Extent of the Renovation

Knowing the scope of the renovation project is vital. A renovation for aesthetic purposes is usually much less invasive and takes less time than most renovations that involve structural or functional changes to the home. Keep the goal of the renovation in mind, and make sure that the goal is clearly communicated with your renovator. They might have some ideas in how to best get you where you want to go. Regardless of how major the changes are, it is worth remembering that renovations are difficult, messy, and do not look perfect until they are done, so you will need to keep the goal in mind throughout the process.

Where Will You Live Throughout the Renovation?

While it is nice to have your life remain normal throughout a redesign process, many home renovations worth doing will disturb your daily routine. It is often best to find somewhere else to stay so that your home builder can work as efficiently as possible but, if you plan on staying in your home throughout the renovation, it is important to have a plan as to which areas of the house will need to remain usable. Staying in your home during the renovation can complicate the project, so finding a renovator you can trust is important.

Design Expectations

Most people have at least a general idea of how they want the finished renovation project to look. Whether you are getting your ideas from television, the Internet, or a friend’s home, make sure that you come prepared with design inspiration. If you are taking your inspiration from television, make sure that you remember that it is usually unrealistic from a budgetary perspective and oversimplified in regard to the amount of work required.

Reasons to Hire a Home Builder for a Renovation

Although many renovations can be done by qualified homeowners, there is incredible value in hiring a home builder to do the job. A home builder’s experience will prove invaluable throughout the design and build process, as they will be able to navigate any permit acquisitions and help you to budget realistically. Professional builders will have all of the resources available to ensure that bigger jobs are completed smoothly and much of their work will come with warranties.

If you would like to find out more about what to know before starting a home renovation, or to learn more about the services offered by Stattonrock Design + Build, please contact us and we will be sure to get back to you with the information you need.