What Trees Should I Plant Next to My Pond?

16 Sep 2020 Water Features

Planting trees around your pond can be a great way to give your yard a more natural, beautiful look, and tree roots can help to keep your pond’s banks from eroding. If you have a pond in your backyard and you are looking into the best trees to plant around it, there are a couple of important factors to consider. Some trees do not do well when planted too close to a pond and others can be toxic to life in your pond. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we are always prepared to answer the question “what trees should I plant next to my pond?” in order to help our clients create their own backyard oasis.

Trees to Plant by Backyard Ponds

When deciding what kind of trees you want to plant by your pond to improve its overall aesthetic, make sure that you avoid any invasive species. It is also important to exclude any stonefruit trees like cherry trees, as the pits can be hazardous and toxic to pondlife. It is also important to consider the fact that any tree with falling leaves could result in excessive algae growth, so you might need to clean the pond more if you plant something like a maple or oak tree.

Some great options for trees to plant by your pond include:


Junipers do extremely well next to ponds and there are many different species to pick from. They are evergreen so you will not need to worry about dropping leaves, and the berries that they drop can be eaten by most fish.


Willow trees are an incredibly popular option for ponds. The branches hang over the pond, creating a beautiful effect, and the roots grow deep and strong. Willows thrive in moist soil and are native to aquatic areas.


Although they have leaves and flowers that can fall into the pond, dogwoods are worth considering. These trees thrive when next to sources of moisture and their flowers last for longer than many other flowering trees.

Red Maple

Another leafy tree that can look incredible when planted next to a pond is the red maple. Red maples offer a vibrancy and colour that contrasts the rest of the greens and blues of most pond plants. You will need to clean up leaves more often, but many people find that worth it to get the beautiful colour that comes with this tree.

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