When Should Barbed Wire Fence Be Used?

25 Feb 2021 Farm Fencing

While barbed wire fences are most commonly used to prevent predators from attacking your livestock, barbed wire fences can also prevent your animals from escaping. Additionally, these types of fences can be used to protect resources temporarily or permanently from grazing animals. If you are unsure about when barbed wire fencing should be used on your property, the farm fencing experts from Edge Wholesale Direct can help you make an informed decision.

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When is the Best Time to Use Barbed Wire Fencing?

Barbed wire fences are best used when you have cattle and any other large animals, as well as medium-sized animals like goats and sheep; however, when determining if you should use barbed wire for sheep, make sure to keep in mind that their fleece can get caught in the barbs.

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Some of the reasons you should consider installing a barbed wire fence include:

Protecting Sheep and Goats

When setting up barbed wire fencing to protect goats and sheep, the first wire should be 6 inches off the ground with the second wire 6 inches up from the first one. The following wires after that should be 8 inches apart from each other. For standard barbed wire fences, there are usually three to five horizontally stretched strands of barbed wire between the stakes.

Keeping Out Predators

If predators such as domestic dogs and coyotes are in the area, place the first barbed wire at least 2 inches from the ground to discourage them from entering the premises. The overall height of the fence will depend on the type of animals that you are looking to protect. Barbed wire fencing should be at least 4 feet high for sheep, while barbed wire fencing for goats and cattle should be at least 6 feet high.

Protecting Cattle

Since cattle will usually learn to stay away from the barbed wire after being pricked a few times, you will only need to put strands of barbed wire along the top and bottom of the fence. Barbed wire fencing is especially ideal for containing cattle, as it will not injure them.

If you would like to learn more about when you should use barbed wire fencing, or if you are interested in our barbed wire fencing products, please contact Edge Wholesale Direct at 604-857-2436. Our team of farm fencing experts would love to help you select the best fencing products for your unique requirements.