When Should You Use a Rough Terrain Crane?

14 Jan 2021 Mobile Cranes

There are many different types of mobile cranes that specialize in different settings and hoisting operations. One of the most popular types of cranes that are used on unstable ground for quick maneuvers is the rough terrain crane. At Stampede Crane & Rigging, we provide a variety of sizes and types of rough terrain cranes and we can help you to determine whether you should use a rough terrain crane for your upcoming project.

When Should Rough Terrain Cranes be Used?

Many types of standard mobile cranes cannot be used when ground gets unstable or rugged. As the name suggests, rough terrain cranes are ideally suited for these situations. These cranes have many advantages over other cranes, but they are not suited for all situations. They are often unable to be driven on public roads, they typically need to be stabilized with outriggers, and they often have strict limits on their hoisting capacities. Despite these restrictions, they are necessary for many different types of jobs.

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When Access to a Jobsite is Restricted

If the jobsite on which a hoisting operation takes place is difficult to get to, the superior handling, balance, and driveability of rough terrain cranes make these cranes an excellent choice. Large rubber tires, 4-wheel steering, and 4-wheel drive enable these cranes to easily access areas that other mobile cranes cannot. Roads to a jobsite are not required for these cranes to do their work.

When a Hoist is Needed on Unstable Ground

There are many situations in which materials need to be hoisted from a position on treacherous terrain. In these situations, rough terrain cranes are often the best equipment for the job. Their adjustable outriggers enable them to be able to gain a stable footing on nearly any land type in order to safely hoist materials on rocky, muddy, or otherwise unstable ground.

Pick-and-Carry Operations

Many cranes are unable to move from a spot once a load has been hoisted into the air. Rough terrain cranes are one of few types of cranes that are ideally suited to pick up and carry loads from one location to another.

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