When to Use a Crawler Crane

18 Mar 2021 Mobile Cranes

Crawler cranes are high-capacity units with exceptional terrain traversal capabilities that are ideal for demanding job sites and heavy materials. A crawler crane features a track-based traversal system instead of conventional wheels found on other mobile cranes. This system is slower, but more maneuverable and can handle difficult terrain with ease. These features make crawler cranes a great choice for many operations.

To best understand when to use a crawler crane, the team at Eagle West Crane & Rigging has created a list of suitable applications. For further information on crawler cranes and other mobile cranes, feel free to reach out to their team. They can help determine the optimal crane solution for your specific site requirements.

Common Applications for Crawler Cranes

Though crawler cranes are effectively used in a variety of applications, they excel in operations that require heavy lifting and a longer reach. The following are great examples of when to use a crawler crane.

Construction Sites

Due to their track-based configuration, crawler cranes feature exceptional load stability even when operating on surfaces like mud or loose gravel. Their extended counterweight also increases lift capacity, making them great for lifting heavy building materials across long distances or to great heights. Crawler cranes are often utilized in the construction of new installments, tall buildings, roads, and on sites that constantly face poor weather conditions.

Agricultural Projects

Agricultural projects often require equipment that can handle the demands of difficult terrain. When it comes to rough terrain capabilities, a crawler crane is second to none. From the installation of new equipment to the construction of a new agricultural facility, crawler cranes get the job done right. For sites with many existing buildings or potential vertical obstacles, crawler cranes have long masts that can be equipped with up to 300’ of jib extensions to safely avoid these structures.

Oil & Gas Operations

Heavy machinery and materials are a common element of many oil and gas operations. Crawler cranes offer lift capacities up to 660 tonnes, ensuring that no load is too heavy to handle. Their track-based traversal systems also allow for effortless movement over undeveloped surfaces that other types of cranes might get stuck on.

When you need exceptional rough terrain capabilities, long reach capabilities, and leading lift capacities, look no further than a crawler crane from Eagle West Crane & Rigging. Reach out to their team of crane experts today to learn more about their selection of crawler cranes and other mobile crane solutions. They will work with you to provide the solutions you need to get the job done right.