When to Use Flexible Metal Hoses

17 Dec 2019 Flexible Hoses

When installing a piping or chemical transfer system, it can be useful to know how to make the best use of the different components that are being implemented. Knowing when to use flexible metal hoses can help you to ensure that you have installed the right materials in the proper locations and that your system will last for as long as possible and will be as efficient as it can be. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture a range of different types of flexible metal hoses to meet a variety of applications.

Different Applications for Flexible Metal Hoses

There are many applications that could require the installation of a flexible metal hose, and hoses are available in many different sizes, structures, and materials to suit all kinds of situations. Some of the circumstances in which flexible metal hoses should be used include:

Flexibility Requirements

If you need a hose to be able to wrap or flex around a certain obstacle and regular fittings will not do the trick, a flexible metal hose might be the best way to go.

Fire Concerns

If there is a risk of fire and chemicals or gasses need to be contained, a flexible metal hose is usually a better option than other types of hose. Many types of metal hoses can maintain their integrity under high heat circumstances, making them ideal for fire resistance.

Vacuum Systems

While many other types of hose will collapse under vacuum pressure, a flexible metal hose can usually maintain its shape and allow materials to flow through it.

Extreme Temperatures

If the materials passing through a hose are either extremely hot or extremely cold, a metal hose might be the best choice. Many other hose systems could be compromised by the temperature of materials or the surrounding environment, while flexible metal hoses are designed to handle these temperatures.

Chemical Optimization

Certain chemicals are corrosive or harmful to particular materials but are compatible with other materials. Check to make sure that the chemicals that you are moving through your system are compatible with the housing and hoses that you plan on using. In many cases, certain types of flexible metal hoses will be required.

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