Where to Buy Aluminum Deck Railings

25 Jun 2020 Railings

Knowing where to buy aluminum deck railings can help save you time and effort in the long run. At Vista Railings, they understand how important it is to choose the best deck railings for your specific wants and needs. That is why they carry a wide variety of different aluminum railing styles and colours to choose from.

Aluminum Deck Railings for Sale at Vista Railings

Some of the different aluminum deck railings for sale at Vista Railings include:

Regular Picket Railing

Regular picket railings provide a simple, yet stylish design and are incredibly easy to assemble. This type of aluminum railing provides ultra-low maintenance and comes with fully pre-assembled sleeved posts, assembly fasteners, and patented snap and wrap picket spacers.

Wide Picket Railing

Similar to regular picket railings, this type of aluminum railing offers a stylish contemporary design, featuring simple vertical pickets. All wide picket railings are ultra-low maintenance and powder coated for an added layer of protection.

Framed Glass Railing

Our aluminum framed glass railings are extremely easy to assemble and come complete with fully pre-assembled sleeved posts and standard 1/4″ clear tempered glass panels. Glass panels for this type of aluminum railing are available in 2″ increments from 24″ to 54″.

Frameless Glass Railing

Frameless glass railings are specifically designed to help maximize the view from your deck, as there are no top or bottom railings to obstruct your view. All frameless glass railings come with thicker, stronger glass, which may need to be laminated depending on the application.

Cable Railing

Our cable railings provide an innovative and stylish design that is amazingly simple to assemble and requires ultra-low maintenance. All cable railings come with fully pre-assembled posts that are pre-drilled and pre-threaded to help speed up and simplify the installation process.

Glass Wind Wall

If your deck is often exposed to strong winds, our glass wind walls provide the ideal solution for blocking the wind, allowing you to enjoy your deck space more. All of our glass wind walls are designed to block the wind while still maximizing the view, making them the perfect solution for being installed around pools and hot tubs.

Privacy Fencing

If you are wanting to add a little more privacy to your deck, our premium decorative privacy fencing combines the low maintenance of powder-coated aluminum with the beauty and warmth of cedar. All of our privacy fencing products come with pre-assembled sleeved posts with vertical slots and gaskets, as well as four-foot tongue and groove western red cedar slats.

If you would like to learn more about our aluminum deck railings for sale, please contact Vista Railings at 1-800-867-8247.