Where to Find Power Tools in Langley

30 Mar 2021 Tools

Whether you are working on a small personal project or a large construction project, you need power tools you can rely on. That is why it is important to know where to find power tools in Langley and the surrounding areas. At Country Lumber, they provide high-quality power tools for all types of projects. Whether you are looking for a drill, circular saw, sander, or combo kit, they can help. They also provide a full selection of pneumatic tools and compressors to ensure that you have everything you need to get the job done right.

Power Tool Solutions in Langley

High-quality power tools and pneumatic tools help optimize productivity and safety for any project. That is why we are proud to offer the following types of tools:


Drills are a vital tool for many projects involving lumber or other materials that need to be joined with screws. Most drills are available in cordless formats that utilize a rechargeable battery, allowing effortless portability and long run times. Many models also feature controls that allow the user to limit the amount of torque, preventing damage from overtightening.


When you need to quickly cut lumber, a circular saw, jigsaw, or reciprocating saw are great choices. These units often require cords for operation but are smaller handheld units that can be easily transported. For larger materials, a table saw or miter saw is often the better option. These units are designed to offer extra stability and precision, making them ideal for precise cuts.

Sanders and Grinders

If you need to paint or stain wood, it often needs to be sanded to remove rough edges and splinters. That is why Country Lumber provides a selection of belt and orbital sanders based on your needs. Sanders are available in corded and cordless configurations based on their power. For smoothing out or polishing metal and other hard surfaces, you will likely need to use an angle grinder. These units are designed to smooth out hard materials, but some models can also be used to cut them with the proper attachments.

Nail Guns

Nail guns are a popular tool that is often powered by an air compressor. Also known as nailers, these pneumatic tools are ideal for roofing, finishing, and flooring. Their power makes it easy to drive nails through difficult surfaces that hammers would not be effective on. Though they are attached to a compressor, most nail guns are fairly light and easy to maneuver.


To power your pneumatic tools, you need a reliable air compressor. That is why Country Lumber is proud to provide complete compressor and air hose solutions. This allows you to get the air you need any time you need it.

For more information on our selection of power tools and building materials, reach out to the Country Lumber team through their online contact form. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect solutions for your needs.