Where to Find TimberTech Decking in Langley

20 Nov 2020 Building Supply

There are many different types of material that can be used to build a deck, and, at Country Lumber, we offer a wide variety of these decking materials for use on houses all around the Langley area. The best type of decking material to use will depend on what you want the deck to look like and a variety of other factors, but one of the most commonly used decking materials for homes in BC is composite decking. If you are planning on using composite decking for your home, it is worth learning about the different brands of decking, like TimberTech. As carriers of great decking products and brands, Country Lumber is one of the best places to find TimberTech decking products in Langley.

Learn about the best material to use for a deck in BC.

TimberTech Decking for Langley Homes

In Langley, BC, we tend to see a lot of moisture. If the wrong materials are used for building, decks can very easily and quickly rot. TimberTech is highly moisture and mold resistant, making it a perfect brand of decking for Langley homes. Aside from its moisture resistance and longevity, some of the best reasons to use TimberTech composite decking for homes in the Fraser Valley include:

Natural Aesthetic

TimberTech decking is designed to look completely natural. The textured surface looks like wood, making it a perfect substitute for a deck that might have once been made of cedar.

Variety of Looks

While other decks might need to be stained or painted to get the right look, TimberTech decking comes pre-coloured in a wide variety of looks. Whether you want a natural, stained look or something a bit more vibrant, there is a massive range of aesthetics that can be achieved. There are also different grain patterns to mimic different types of wood.


In BC, one of our top priorities for building supplies is sustainability and environmental friendliness. TimberTech is made from mostly recycled materials and lasts for longer than most decking, making it one of the best options available.

Simple Installation

TimberTech decking can be installed by nearly anyone due to its simple design. The boards are light and fasteners are colour-matched to ensure that you do not need to be a professional to build your own deck.

If you would like to find out more information about TimberTech decking and why it should be used for homes in Langley, BC, or if you want to learn about any of our other products or services, please contact the team at Country Lumber.