Where to Find Tree Planting Gear in Terrace

22 Dec 2020 Industrial Equipment

If you live in the Terrace, BC area and plan to go tree planting or operate a tree planting company, it is useful to know where to find tree planting gear close to you. At Western Equipment, we know how rough the work and elements can be on tree planting gear and how easy it is to wear through your equipment. In order to help local companies always have what they need close at hand, we supply a variety of types of gear that can be used for planting trees and around the camp.

Tree Planting Gear Near Terrace, BC

Even with the sturdiest supplies, the amount of wear and tear that most tree planters’ tools undergo can cause them to break eventually. For this reason, it is important to have quick and easy access to backup supplies and a local source of new equipment. Some of the different types of tree planting gear that should frequently be stocked up on and maintained include:

Tree Planting Shovels

Shovels are one of the most commonly replaced pieces of a tree planter’s inventory. The shovel handle is the most easily broken part of the tool, and handles are easily replaced. It is also common for the blade of a shovel to break or get too blunted to be used after a time, so it is important to have replacement shovels on hand.

Tree Planting Bags

Bags are the other key component of any tree planter’s inventory. As trees are constantly being pulled in and out of the bag, it is common for these bags to tear. In many cases, the harnesses on these bags can also malfunction or be worn down. Having extras ready for your team to use can ensure that they are able to continue working until the next trip to town.

Other Outdoor Equipment

Many other pieces of equipment can be incredibly useful for tree planting camps. Generators, water pumps, bushwhacking equipment, and various safety clothing and footwear are often required for tree planting operations.

If you would like to find out more information about where to find tree planting gear in Terrace, BC, or to learn about the other equipment and supplies we provide at Western Equipment, please contact us at 250-635-6567.