Which Basket or Bulk Rack is Right for You?

18 Jan 2022 Warehouse Equipment

If your facility handles hundreds of products, small parts, or other goods, it is crucial to keep them organized and stored safely when they are not needed. With so many products and options for storage, it can be difficult to determine which option is the right fit for your facility and industry. If you are looking for a durable and versatile storage option for your products, parts, and materials, baskets or bulk racks may be the perfect solution. As leading providers of high-quality baskets, bulk racks, and metal stacking baskets, the team at Commander Warehouse knows how important it is to choose the right option for your precise needs. That is why they have provided some information on the most common types and configurations to help you determine which basket or bulk rack is right for you.

Learn about 5 essential types of warehouse equipment and how they can enhance your operation.

Basket and Bulk Rack Products

The following types of baskets and bulk racks can significantly improve organization and storage capacity for your facility:

Metal Stacking Baskets

Designed to help increase productivity and to maximize the available floor space in a warehouse, metal stacking baskets are ideal for both industrial and commercial applications. Metal stacking baskets feature cupped legs that allow for easy stacking applications while also preventing damage to the floor. Each unit is also designed to allow for easy access to its contents while the baskets are stacked, enhancing productivity and picking accuracy.

Metal Bulk Baskets

Ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, metal bulk baskets feature a two-tier removable gate system that allows for easier access to any stored materials. All metal bulk baskets feature a powder-coated finish to enhance durability and maximize their usable life in even the most demanding environments.

Custom Stacking Baskets

Custom stacking baskets are specifically designed to help maximize storage space and floor space by offering easy stacking capabilities. This type of warehouse equipment offers a strong and reliable storage solution and is available in four different models, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Bulk Stacking Cradles

Bulk stacking cradles are composed of a selection of stacking racks, posts, and side rails constructed from 2″ square tubing steel, making them the perfect solution for storing loose and palletized goods. This type of warehouse equipment is available in a selection of different dimensions and can be customized to your precise specifications.

To learn more about their selection of bins, containers, and baskets, get in touch with the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. They can be reached through their online contact form and will be happy to help you determine the perfect products for your needs.