Which Type of Cylinder Truck is Right for You?

25 Oct 2022 Warehouse Equipment

Handling propane cylinders and other cylinder-based products can be hazardous if the correct equipment is not used. Though cylinders can often be transported by hand, it is much safer and less strenuous to do so with a high-quality cylinder truck. While every cylinder truck is used for the same purpose, there are several different configurations available based on your needs. To help you determine which type of cylinder truck is right for you, the experts at Commander Warehouse Equipment have compiled some information on 4 popular configurations.

Learn how to choose the best hand truck for your application.

4 Types of Cylinder Trucks

To ensure optimal safety and efficiency, it is crucial to choose the right cylinder truck. The most popular cylinder truck configurations include:

1. Single Gas Cylinder Hand Truck

These narrow units are ideal for transporting a single cylinder or a tall and narrow box. Each unit features an integrated stair climber that allows for easier transportation up a flight of stairs. Single gas cylinders weigh 28 lb and can hold up to 500 lb, making them ideal for a variety of industries and facilities.

2. Medium Cylinder – Front-to-Back Hand Truck

When compared to side-by-side hand trucks, front-to-back units feature a longer base plate and frame. This longer frame allows for the transportation of two cylinders loaded front to back. The narrow frame of a front-to-back cylinder truck allows for easy storage and portability. Each unit weighs only 21 lb and can handle loads up to 300 lb, allowing for ease of use and reliable performance.

3. Medium Cylinder – Side-by-Side Hand Truck

Medium side-by-side cylinder trucks feature a wider frame and base plate than front-to-back hand trucks. As the name implies, these units are designed to transport two cylinders side by side. While they are primarily used for cylinders, these units can also safely handle a variety of other materials due to the attached chain and wider wheelbase to ensure optimal stability. Medium side-by-side cylinder trucks weigh 25 lb and can hold up to 400 lb.

4. Large Cylinder Hand Truck

A large cylinder hand truck is the best option for operations that consistently handle many cylinders throughout the day. These models combine elements of the side-by-side and front-to-back models to provide the largest base plate. Each unit also features large rubber wheels that can be easily upgraded to larger pneumatic wheels. This ensures optimal durability and handling in any environment. Large cylinder hand trucks weigh 55 lb and can carry up to 800 lb.

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