Which Wrap Finish is Right for You?

8 Nov 2022 Vinyl Wraps

When it comes to vehicle wraps, there are many aesthetic elements to consider when creating your design. While colours, images, patterns, and text are undeniably important for every personal or business wrap, it is equally important to consider the finish you want to use. Your wrap’s finish is a foundational element that can significantly influence other design elements, making it a vital consideration for every project. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which wrap finish is right for you and your vehicle. That is why the car wrap experts at Wrap Guys have put together some information on 5 popular wrap finishes to help you determine which option is best for your wants and needs.


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5 Popular Car Wrap Finishes

The following finishes are available for most car wrap designs:

1. Gloss

Glossy vinyl wraps provide a high-shine appearance, much like a clear coat or glossy paint. A glossy vinyl wrap is one of the most popular choices for personal and business use as it can make any vehicle look brand new while requiring minimal maintenance over time when compared to conventional paint.

2. Matte

A matte finish eliminates the reflective appearance of conventional car paint, resulting in a flat and distinct look that can accentuate sharp lines in your vehicle and bold text in your design. Many modern vehicles and sportscars benefit from matte wraps due to the contour-enhancing qualities they possess.

3. Clear

If you want to keep the colour of your vehicle while adding text to multiple areas, a clear wrap may be the best option. Clear wraps are completely transparent and can be applied to your vehicle to protect your existing paint while displaying any text or images you want for your business. For example, if you have a dark blue vehicle, you can utilize white text or images. This allows you to keep your existing paint colour while using your vehicle as a mobile advertisement for your business.

4. Colour-Changing

Also known as pearlescent wraps, colour-changing wraps have a different appearance based on lighting conditions and viewing angle. For example, they can look purple at one angle and blue or green at another. This makes your vehicle look different in various settings, giving you an adaptable and appealing appearance in any setting.

5. Chromatic

A chrome wrap is highly reflective and can be applied to nearly any type of vehicle. Like other types of vinyl wraps, chrome wraps can be a solid colour or utilize a variety of patterns and images. The highly reflective nature of chrome wraps can make your vehicle stand out in a crowd by utilizing a futuristic aesthetic.

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