Why Data Security is Important

19 Nov 2020 IT Services

Data security is made up of a range of different protective measures that are designed to safeguard data from being corrupted or accessed by unapproved users. If you are unsure why data security is important for your business, consulting with the experts from EC Managed IT will ensure that all of your questions are answered properly. Their team can also provide you with disaster recovery services in the event that your company information is lost.

What is Data Security?

Data security is the process and the technology used by a business to help prevent valuable company and client data from being lost or corrupted, as well as from being accessed by unauthorized users throughout the data lifecycle. IT companies are able to deploy a variety of data security solutions, such as data encryption and network layer security, that are specifically designed to help keep data safe and secure.

Importance of Data Security

Since businesses of all shapes and sizes create, collect, store, and exchange data, it is important to put a proper data security plan into place that will protect that information from being corrupted or accessed by an unauthorized user, either internally or externally. Not protecting data properly can often result in financial loss and damage to the business’ reputation. Some of the ways in which data security measures can help protect your business include:

1. Ensures Regular Data Backups

Data security works to ensure that regular backups are made of a business’ important data in order to prevent information from being lost due to a breach, equipment failure, or natural disaster. In most cases, backups are stored at an offsite location and can be accessed by authorized personnel, making it easy to quickly retrieve data that would otherwise be lost.

2. Prevents Costly Data Breaches

Every business is responsible for ensuring that employee records, client information, and transactions are being kept secure from viruses and hackers. Not properly protecting your business information could lead to a range of consequences, such as financial costs, loss of public trust, damaged brand reputation, diminished future profits, and legal action.

3. Deters Hackers

Since hackers are continuously creating new techniques for evading security measures, it is extremely important to add extra layers of security to better protect company assets, such as computers, smart devices, websites, networks, and other equipment. It is also a good idea to ensure that all employees are kept up to date on the latest security practices.

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