Why is it Important to Have CRA Representation?

20 Aug 2020 Accounting Services

Whether you own a large business, are an individual contractor, or simply want to ensure that your household taxes cause as little headache as possible, it is important to have CRA representation, and the knowledgeable and friendly accountants at Leskun & Son Accounting can help. The CRA can be an intimidating entity to deal with and not everyone knows how to answer their questions, so make sure that you enlist a proper tax representative for your business and personal taxes.

The Benefits of Having CRA Representation

There are two types of CRA representatives: level 1 representatives are able to access information (which can be necessary in the case that you have somebody managing payroll), and level 2 representatives are able to access data and make changes to your tax information with the CRA. A level 2 tax representative can handle all of the different accounts and affairs that you have with the CRA, including GST/HST, payroll and contract payments, and corporate taxes. Some of the benefits of having a professional CRA representative include:

Simplified Tax Processes and Communications

Your CRA representative will be responsible for dealing with the CRA on your behalf, meaning that you do not have to communicate with the CRA nearly as much. A qualified tax professional will know about the different tax forms and information that the CRA needs in order to properly process your taxes. With the proper access and authorization, they can minimize the amount that you need to be involved in the taxation process.

Maximized Benefits and Refunds

It is the job of a professional CRA representative to act in your best interest, and an experienced representative will usually have the understanding of CRA practices to know when a tax return is at its maximum. When they see potential for money to be put back in your pocket, they should know what changes to request on your behalf.

Ensuring the Accuracy and Security of Information

One of the main responsibilities of a CRA representative is to ensure the accuracy and security of your information. They will be able to spot inaccuracies in order to ensure that your tax information is managed properly.

To find out more about why it is important to have CRA representation, or if you have questions for one of our professional accountants about any other tax or accounting issues, please contact Leskun & Son Accounting at the location nearest to you or fill out a contact form on our website. Our aggressive approach with the CRA ensures that we can help our clients get the most out of their annual taxes.