Why is My Electrical Bill So High?

7 Jan 2021 Licensed Electrician

There are many reasons that you may be seeing a steep increase in your electricity bill’s price. If you feel like your electrical bill is too high, it is important to know some of the reasons and whether or not your problems could be preventable. At Expert Electric, our team of licensed electricians can help you to save money on your electrical bill by optimizing your home electrical setup and we are always happy to offer advice on why an electrical bill might be too high.

Why is My Electricity Bill So High?

One of the best ways to find out why your electrical bill is too high is to call a licensed electrician. There are many reasons for a hydro bill to be higher than it should be and, while some of those causes are unpreventable, others might require professional assistance to remedy. Some of the reasons that you might be paying more for electricity than you have in the past or feel you should include:

Old Fixtures and Appliances

Old light fixtures, appliances, light bulbs, and other electrical implements can make a big difference in how much you pay for your electricity. By updating some of your home’s devices and fixtures, you can greatly cut back your electrical bill.

Change in Season

The amount of electricity you use could increase in the winter when you are inclined to keep your home’s lights on more and turn up your electric heating. If you do not have electric heating but have air conditioning, this could cause your electrical bill to increase during the summer. Make sure you consider what appliances are being used during different seasons if you notice a difference in how much your electrical bill costs.

Poor Home Insulation

Having poor home insulation or a home that is not sealed properly is a major cause of expensive electrical bills. New windows, attic insulation, and many other home updates can save you a massive amount on your electrical bill.

Electrical Device Use

In many cases, a high electrical bill can be accredited to increased use of electrical devices like TVs or computers. If you recently brought home a new entertainment system, this could be the cause of a bill increase. It is also important to note that not all devices truly power down when switched off. As long as devices are plugged in, they are typically drawing power and raising your electrical bill.

If you would like to learn more about why you electrical bill is too high and some tactics to help you lower it, or to find out more about our suite of residential services, please contact the team at Expert Electric.