Why is my Pond’s Water Level Dropping?

25 May 2021 Ponds

Ecosystem ponds and recreational swim ponds can add a beautiful, relaxing, and fun element to any yard. Though there are many benefits to owning a pond, maintaining a consistent water level can occasionally present a challenge. In particular, water levels dropping can be difficult as there are a variety of potential causes for this issue. If you are wondering why your pond’s water level is dropping, the team at Fontana Ponds & Water Features can help. Their experts have provided a list of the most common causes for lower water levels in all types of ponds.

Potential Causes for Lower Water Levels

While there are many potential causes for lower water levels in your pond, the following are the most common:

Animals or Pests

From raccoons to herons, there are many animals that can ruin a backyard pond. Certain animals can eat fish in your pond, create blockages in your filter, or puncture your pond liner. Each of these issues can disturb the balance of your pond, changing the water level or making your water murky. Understanding how to deter these animals and keep them out of your pond is crucial for maintaining the water level and ecosystem.

Blocked Filters or Waterfalls

Excessive foliage, unchecked plant growth, damage from animals, and fallen leaves are all factors that can lead to blocked filters or waterfalls. If either of these elements become impeded or clogged, water levels can quickly drop. Ensure that you are cleaning your filter on a monthly basis to maintain optimal performance. If your pond has waterfalls, ensure that you are inspecting sections where water flows from one section to another to remove any build-up or blockages.

Leaks from Liner Damage

The liner is a vital part of any pond or water feature as it helps to keep water from leaking into the surrounding soil. Any tears or damage to the liner can result in small or large leaks that can cause a substantial reduction in the water level. Locating a tear or puncture can be difficult, so it is best to let a professional locate and repair the damage.

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