Why Put a Mezzanine in a Metal Building?

17 Dec 2019 Pre-Engineered Buildings

Whether you have a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, or even a retail establishment, it is good to be aware of some ways to expand on floor space. In many metal buildings, it is necessary to have a large overhead but, if an overhead is not necessary in every corner of the facility, it can be extremely handy to have a mezzanine. At Ferro Building Systems, we know that there are many great reasons to put a mezzanine in a metal building, and we offer a variety of mezzanine options for our metal buildings.

Reasons to Install a Mezzanine in a Metal Building

Mezzanines have a massive variety of uses for any building or industry. Some of the best reasons to install a mezzanine in a pre-engineered metal building include:

Expanding Floor Space

Whether you are running out of storage space or need extra room for a workshop or assembly area, a mezzanine can help you to expand on your current floor space, which can then be used for tool or stock storage, extra workshop room, or secure lockup.

Improving Property Value

By expanding on the square footage of your floor space and improving the usefulness of your facility, you can greatly improve its resale value. Whether or not you are planning to sell your facility, it is worthwhile to think about the future and how to improve your property value.

Creating Office Space

Mezzanines are often used to create office space in a larger facility. Just like the rest of the pre-engineered metal building, a mezzanine can be finished with standards similar to other types of buildings to give the office space a warm, workable ambience.

Separating Environments

In many facilities, it can be valuable to use mezzanines to separate environments. Whether you use the mezzanine as a staff-only area in a retail environment or to separate nicer office space from the rest of a manufacturing facility, adding this second level to a metal building can be a good way to create separation between different environments within your workspace.

If you are interested in learning more about why it can be useful to put a mezzanine in a metal building, or if you would like to find out more about the variety of services and products that Ferro Building Systems offers, please contact us through the contact form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.